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CMCOM provides engineering design and inspection services for buildings, stations, bridges, and maintenance facilities for mass transit agencies. We understand the need to maintain operations, ensure safety and security, and minimize disruption to the travelling public and the surrounding environment.


CMCOM engineers design MEP and fire protection, telecommunications, security, audiovisual systems, and the building management controls that operate and optimize aviation facilities. Integrated building management controls can improve systems performance and provide operational savings while assuring thermal comfort.


CMCOM engineers are highly experienced in design and inspection of building systems for higher education and K-12 schools. We provide services for new construction, rehabilitation, expansion, upgrade and enhancement of facilities. Our experience includes classroom buildings, laboratories, performing arts centers, libraries, auditoriums, sports complexes, and residential buildings. CMCOM holds a prime contract to provide MEP Engineering services for NYC School Construction Authority.


CMCOM engineering design on historic and landmark facilities aim to revitalize communities and give buildings new meaning for the future. We work with the architect on historic structures of all types to facilitate renovation and adaptive reuse. Our services range from replacing building systems to addressing accessibility and safety issues.


CMCOM engineers have designed building systems for various courts, correctional facilities since the firm’s inception. We understand the need to maintain operations, ensure safety and security, and minimize disruption. We provide services for new construction, rehabilitation, expansion, upgrade and enhancement of facilities.


CMCOM provides engineering design and inspection of buildings and their systems that encompass office, residential, retail, and hospitality components. We deliver sustainable designs to reduce energy consumption, offset operational expenses and meet local code requirements.


Our commitment to quality is an integral element of each of our professional efforts. We are committed to “Green Building Design” including reduced energy use and demand through passive solar techniques, geothermal systems and integrated building design. Many CMCOM staff are LEED-Accredited Professionals with the experience and knowledge necessary for the development of successful LEED-certified buildings.


CMCOM staff are experienced and knowledgeable in construction management principles, practices, and methods to meet the needs of project owners. Inspection is one of the most important elements of construction and contract administration. Good engineering design and properly prepared plans and specifications are essential for a quality end product.


CMCOM design for projects includes a portfolio for clients, such as libraries, recreational facilities, schools, colleges and universities, and museums. We listen carefully and strive to provide thoughtful, responsive solutions that address ambitious programs, challenging budgets, and tight schedules. We collaborate closely, explore opportunities, and minimize surprises. Our design includes vibrant spaces for visitors of all ages, along with meeting spaces, advanced technology, and forward-thinking sustainable strategies.


CMCOM staff is experienced in the design of the essential engineering systems—mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, life safety, lighting security, nurse call, audiovisual, IT—to enable healthcare providers to support their patients’ health and well-being. We have designed expansions and retrofits, laboratories, clinics, and medical offices.


CMCOM has been accredited by the International Accreditation Service™ (IAS) since 2012 and is registered with the New York City Department of Buildings as a Class 1 Special Inspection Agency. Our team is ready to assist building owners who are seeking to comply with the latest revisions to the NYC building code.


At CMCOM we wholly support the ideals of BIM because we understand that embracing its objectives will deliver an efficient, coordinated and well-designed project, giving rise to greater cost efficiency throughout the design, construction and life cycle phases of the project.

Software at the forefront of building modelling technology is essential to the design process within the BIM environment. CMCOM use modelling software and accept most file formats enabling us to fully integrate ourselves with our fellow professionals; this also provides object interoperability in accordance with industry standard BIM guidance and protocols